Traditional influences

Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation is encouraging locals to explore their creativity at artistic workshops held at Trawmanna every Monday. Aboriginal artist Gypsy Draven (centre) leads the classes and invites community members, like Ruth Poke-Moore and Alanna Fraser, along for the fun. Picture: Ashleigh Force. 

Art. Nestled in Circular Head’s rich bushland creativity can spring to life.

Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation is hosting weekly art classes with Gypsy Draven at Trawmanna, Mella Road.

Growing up in Wentworth, New South Wales, Gypsy was taught the art of traditional painting during her childhood by her grandfather with influences from the Bundjalung people.

Moving to Circular Head two years ago, Gypsy is now sharing her experiences and knowledge with locals.

The workshops are held every Monday from 10am to 2pm and are open to everyone: from experienced to novice. Visitors are welcome to stay for the duration or pop in for a shorter period.

“It’s all about experimenting,” says Gypsy, “just go with the flow.”

This week, the group was using oils and paints to create mesmerising swirling textures.

After mixing paint and oil together to reach a creamy consistency, the artists layered the different coloured paints to the canvas before applying heat to the piece to bring bubbles to the surface.

“Every piece is different,” says Gypsy of the finished product.

“Some look like gemstones, others resemble the universe or marbles.”

Discovering new techniques herself along the way, Gypsy says creativity is a process for all, and in the coming weeks the group will look to work with alcohol inks.

“It’s like cloud spotting,” she says. “It’s very therapeutic, a good way to reflect on your feelings and express your stress at the same time.

“You don’t have to be artistic or have any experience, I’m still learning.”

To find out more phone Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation on 6452 1287.

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