Top bacon in Smithton

Awards. It’s Bacon Week (June 19-25) and the Johnston Gourmet Meats crew is celebrating with a top spot at the Australian Bacon Awards.

The Smithton butcher, owned by Josh Perry, came in second place on the Tasmanian list of top short-cut and full-rasher producers.

Sharman’s Butchery at Wivenhoe took out first place – a title Perry had earned himself last year just months into taking over the venture.

“We’re happy again,” Perry said. “We’re very happy that our product’s still good and superior.”

He said he and wife Jennifer, and the team of eight, were pleased to know they were sending a quality product out the door.

“Once you taste good bacon you won’t eat anything else, in cooking it just enhances the flavour through all recipes . . . you can’t compare quality.

“It’s good for the area, it’s good to see both the butchers on the north-west coast doing really well with their product.

“Sales have doubled since we’ve come here, we’re really impressed with how it’s ticking on.”

He said this was likely due to the exposure such awards provide.

The Perrys have promoted their product to outlets across the state and are now looking to restaurants on the mainland to further extend their name.

“It’s all bigger and better moving forward,” he said.

Taking over the business in March of last year, Perry said a name change is likely within the next couple of months.

“The reason it didn’t happen from day dot is that Peter (Johnston) had a great [reputation], he was known so well for what he’s done,” Perry said.

“Now that people know that we’re in the business, they’re starting to recognise us now.”

Now in its fifth year, Bacon Week is an initiative of Australian Pork, which celebrates 100 per cent Australian bacon and promotes the product to consumers.

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