Timeless beauty rolls on

Graeme Odgers takes pride in his vintage car: a 1928 Chevrolet truck. Picture: Bodey Dittloff.

Vintage. A stunning display of classic cars were recently out in force in Smithton, with owners invited to bring along their treasured motors as part of the weekend’s tractor pull event.

Graeme Odgers is just one of the many vintage car owners on the day, proud to be in the Veteran Car Club of Tasmania and showing off his 1928 Chevrolet truck, still inĀ  immaculate condition.

Mr Odgers has owned the vehicle for nearly 14 years, stumbling across it by chance on a scheduled trip to Hawley.

“I was originally looking for a tractor, but I came back with this instead!” he laughed.

“I recently had it painted, and some small parts have been re-done, but most of the cab is still in original condition.”

The predecessor of a Holden, the c-cab Chev (named due to the curve in shape) is powered by a four-cylinder engine and operates with a four-speed transmission.

Mr Odgers said that while he’s “not one that goes travelling in it often”, the 86 year-old vehicle has no mechanical issues and runs smoothly.


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