Tigers vanquish Redlegs

Rodney Franks, of Redpa, races to escape the clutches of his Scotchtown opponent in round five of the Circular Head Football Association in Smithton on Saturday. Picture: Jodie Saville.

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CHFA. The success of Scotchtown in round five of the Circular Head Football Association can be put down to team support, says coach Brent Burgess.

“Our midfielders, Jordan Williams and Ben Poke, really led the way and 15-year-old Brandon Woolley again showed why he is a star of the future, with his crumbing ability up forward a real highlight.

“Our backline was superb in a hard fought contest in which Redpa threw everything at us.”

The contest between the Tigers and Redlegs featured a slow start with six behinds registered between both teams in the first quarter.

Scotchtown strapped in for a fight in the second booting five goals while Redpa added one behind.

The Redpa defence changed gears in the third quarter, as the Tigers’ conversion rate began to dwindle and simple shots became points.

Coach Jai Willmot named Josh Cole, Rhys King, Kent Anderson and Dan Popowski among his best players as the side worked to add goals to the scoreboard.

Adding a final goal in the last quarter, Scotchtown finished with 11.15.81 to Redpa’s 3.7.25.

As Forest Stanley hit the road, Irishtown presented a competitive contest.

The home side held the visitors to two behinds in the opening quarter as four majors were secured before the first break. Forest Stanley demonised the Irishtown defence in the second as the side tallied six majors to surpass the Canaries by one point at half time. 

Irishtown reclaimed the margin in the third quarter as Sean Ryan added five goals throughout the contest and Brandon Tonks supported the visitors with three goals.

Scoring came close in the final quarter as Irishtown ultimately claimed the game, 13.10.88 to 9.9.63.

A low scoring affair between Scotchtown and Redpa in the Reserves was underwhelming in comparison to the 74 point victory Irishtown claimed over Forest Stanley.

In Smithton, the competitors from the west kicked one goal throughout the four quarters as the home side booted four, 4.3.27 to 1.9.15.

In Irishtown, the home side secured the scoring end of the ground early in the game to add nine goals with a response of two goals before the main break.

As Forest Stanley added three behinds in the third quarter, Irishtown counted another three majors.

While the visitors marched out as a new side in the final quarter to boot two goals, it was not enough to match the Irishtown haul of 16.6.102 to 4.4.28.

Forest Stanley and Scotchtown trailed behind Irishtown and Redpa respectively in an Under 17 round of high scoring. 

In Smithton, Redpa notched two majors in the opening quarter as the home side responded with one behind. The visitors continued to pile on the goals as the game flowed through the quarters while the Scotchtown point remained unaccompanied on the scoreboard.

After four quarters, Redpa claimed the game 7.6.48 to 0.1.1.

In the other game, Irishtown was like a bull at a gate in the first half to secure 10 goals and concede just one. Forest Stanley added a second major in the third quarter while the home side continued to run circles around its opponents for the 16.14.110 to 2.2.14 victory.

In the Under 14 action, Redpa and Scotchtown met for a close encounter. The home side notched the first major and three behinds before half time while the visitors responded with one point.

Redpa marched out in the third quarter to boot two goals and hold Scotchtown off however the tables turned in the last quarter, as the Tigers prevented the Redlegs from impacting the scoreboard while adding a major to the total. Ultimately the visitors returned home with a 2.2.14 to 1.4.10 victory.

When Irishtown and Forest Stanley met, the home side added to the tally first with one goal and three points before the visitors made up for a scoreless first quarter with four majors and four behinds before half time.

The Forest Stanley score remained untouched in the third as Irishtown added two majors to the board before a goal for goal final quarter ended in the Demons’ favour 5.5.35 to 4.3.27.

In round six of the Circular Head Football Association, Redpa will take on Irishtown as Scotchtown meets Forest Stanley.


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