The wonderful world of science

Kurtis Maher, 17, will immerse himself in all things science at the National Youth Science Forum in Canberra early next year, as one of nine Tasmanian students chosen to attend. Picture: Ashleigh Force. 

Education. Circular Head Christian School student and science lover Kurtis Maher will travel to Canberra early next year for the National Youth Science Forum.

The 17-year-old is one of nine Tasmanian students selected to attend the conference which takes place between January 16 and 28.

The forum aims to engage and nurture youth in science and exposes students to study, research and employment opportunities.

Kurtis, who has just completed his year 11 exams, discovered his fascination for the subject during middle school.

“I studied chemistry in year eight which really opened my eyes to the world of science – I absolutely loved it!” he said.

Hearing of the opportunity through his school, Kurtis was compelled to apply and was pleasantly surprised to learn of his success.

“It was a big shock, especially to be the only one from Circular Head.”

Studying Physical Science and Life Science this year, Kurtis has enrolled in Physics and Biology next year.

“[I’d like to explore] the physics field,” he says of his possible career pathway.

“I sort of want to nail down my job options at the forum.”

While Rotary Australia will contribute $700 to Kurtis’ travel expenses, more than $2000 is needed to fund the trip.

A fundraising car rally will be held next Saturday (December 3). Leaving from the Smithton Boat Ramp at 1pm, participants will follow clues throughout the area. For more information contact Glenda Maher on 0409 311 415.

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