The tide is high

The Duck River at 4pm on Monday May 9 as photographed by Circular Head Chronicle’s Ashleigh Force; (below) Alison Heathorn was at the river two hours earlier, about 1.45pm, to capture the high water levels. Her husband Brian, who was born in Smithton, says he has never seen the river up so high. The couple also thought Circular Head may now lay claim to its very own “Nessie” with this Loch Ness Monster lookalike (bottom).

Weather. Monday’s extreme high tide made for a wet marina as the Duck River water levels rose above the Smithton Wharf to surround the Scout Hall.

At the time of reporting, the Duck River’s latest recorded flow upstream at Scotchtown Road was 240.842ML/day on May 10, 8pm. The average for the past seven days prior was 121.711ML/day.

Following last week’s wild winds which left homes without power and gusts reaching above 100km/h, Circular Head has once again experienced autumn’s cooler offerings.

Cloud bands associated with a low pressure system produced just 0.2 millimetres of rain in Smithton on Saturday, no rain on Sunday, 3.2mm on Monday and 27mm on Tuesday.

Total rainfall for Marrawah on Tuesday was 18.4mm while in Cape Grim 19.8mm was recorded.

The coolest day for the month was on Saturday May 7, when the temperature dipped to 4.1 degrees in Smithton.

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