The sound of cheer

Stanley Primary School student Gracie Hofing, 8, conducted the Clarence High School Band in a special performance by the school band in Stanley on Monday. Pictures: Ashleigh Force.

Music. Stanley Primary School was charmed with a performance from the Clarence High School Band on Monday, hosting the southern visitors during their tour of the north west coast.

Comprising close to 50 students from Bellerive, Hobart the stage and concert bands tour the state yearly. Led by conductor Drew Castles, the year nine and 10 students rehearse twice weekly in preparation for performances often at community events.

On the first stop of the tour, Stanley pupils, staff and visitors were serenaded with crowd classics and modern favourites, among them the Walt Disney themes such as Aladdin and Moana, and ‘Hello’ by Adele and ‘In The Mood’ by Glenn Miller.

“They all seemed to bop along and know the words,” says Jodie Barratt, head of music at Clarence High School, of the performance.

“Quite a few (students) knew some of the instruments too which is exactly what we wanted.”

Arriving in Circular Head on Sunday, the school band spent two nights at Riverbend Youth Centre where the visitors took in the sights before the Monday morning performance and a second show that evening alongside the Burnie City Concert Band in Burnie.

“This is real life experience, exactly what it is like for a professional band on tour.

“It’s excellent experience for the students.”

The Stanley Primary School Parents and Friends thanked the visitors with a barbecue lunch.

The Clarence High School Band will continue its week-long tour of the north west coast, visiting Sheffield, Devonport and Perth.

The Clarence High School Band played Walt Disney favourites during its visit to Stanley earlier this week as part of an annual week-long state tour.

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