The great outdoors

Youth including (back from left) Madeline Edwards, 8, Elizabeth Edwards, 11, Harper McIntyre, 8, (front) Mia Carling, 9, Destiny Stokes, 9, Paige Stokes, 12 and Ava McIntyre, 6 joined Ranger Em for an activities day creating reusable shopping bags at the Montagu Campground last week as part of Parks and Wildlife Service’s Discovery Ranger Program this summer. Picture: Ashleigh Force.

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Fun. This summer, discover hidden rock pool gems, why the ocean needs to stay healthy and how to look after the environment.

Throughout the month of January, Parks and Wildlife Service is running its annual Discovery Ranger Program.

Offering locals and visitors alike the chance to learn about the natural wonders that surround, the program features cultural activities and wildlife adventures in an entertaining and educational format.

Free and open to all ages, Emily Pressnell also known as Discovery Ranger Em, describes the program as fun for the whole family.

“Expect to be engaged and entertained with the natural environment,” she says.

“Maybe learn something new, take part in some fun activities and be inspired to take care of the landscape we live in.”

Join Ranger Em today, Thursday January 11, at Montagu Campground from 11am and delve into Tasmania’s indigenous history with Marrawah local, Aboriginal Discovery Ranger Jye Crosswell.

Then, from 2pm at Smithton LINC, take part in a game show with Ranger Em and Sally.

On Friday January 12, wander up to the Stanley Nut carpark between 12 and 3pm to learn about the penguins who live nearby and how to protect them and their habitat.

A Girls Day Out will be held at Smithton Hockey Centre on Saturday January 13 between 11am and 3pm. Be inspired by women working in a range of roles including as firefighters, police officers, SES volunteers and park rangers.

On Sunday January 14, learn about shorebirds at Sisters Beach from 3pm before a Tassie Trivia Night at the Pear Tree Cafe, Sisters Beach from 6pm.

Meet at the Stanley Cabin and Tourist Park at 11am on Monday January 15 to learn about the world’s largest carnivorous marsupial – the Tasmanian devil – before a marine discovery adventure at the Nut between 2 and 4pm.

The next day, on Tuesday January 16 from 10am to 2pm, the Smithton LINC will host a Discovery Day.

“It will be a jam-packed day full of fun and discovery,” Ranger Em says, who will also be joined by Ranger Jye.

The All About Reptiles live show will be hosted by ‘Snake Man’ Mick Thow alongside his closest reptile acquaintances including tiger, copperhead, whitelipped and carpet snakes and pythons as well as a blue tongue bearded dragon.

There will also be Aboriginal cultural stories and activities, an interactive workshop, crafts, face painting and a barbecue lunch for a gold coin donation with proceeds going to the Save the Tasmanian Devil appeal program.

On Wednesday January 17, venture to Boat Harbour Beach for a marine discovery activity between 3 and 5pm before enjoying a day of fun and games from 2pm on Thursday January 18 at Smithton LINC.

“The kids have really loved having something fun to do over the holidays,” Ranger Em said of last week’s entertainment.

“Today we’re learning about marine debris in the ocean and what we can do to help the problem.

“We’ve also had activities this week about the shorebirds that we share our beaches with and how to minimise our impact as we are playing [during] the holidays.”

For more information contact Ranger Em on 0429 659 768 or go to