Thanks for your support Circular Head

I would like to thank all those people that have helped me over the last 14 years running the Auskick program.

Especially Greenham Tasmania for their financial support each year, Smithton Laundry for cleaning jumpers, Circular Head Council, Circular Head Community and Recreation Centre for the use of the ground, Smithton Football Club, Perry’s Quality Meats and all the young children and families who have supported the program, as without your participation this program would not have been successful.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time involved with the Auskick program where there were around 160-180 children but through various reasons we have dropped to around 60-70 children over the last few years.

All myself and others can do is develop the appropriate pathways for our juniors, so that they can continue to develop and progress to play football at the highest level, in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Remember, healthy juniors, healthy future.

You, the parents, are the ones that will ultimately make the decision on where your child will play and I respect that. I just hope that in making that decision, you consider what best suits your child for their own development.

So thanks again for your support, and I wish the new parents who will be running the Auskick program next year all the best for the future.

Craig “Fred” Perry