Thankful this Christmas

The Kositsin family, Sonya and Rueben and three-month-old baby Victoria, Jonathan, 12, Emma, 11, Matthew, 3, Anastasia, 14, and Timothy, 8, are thankful to be together this Christmas after losing their home in a house fire earlier this year.

Gratitude. Through the generosity of our community, one local family is this Christmas rebuilding their lives after devastation.

The Kositsins’ family home at Mengha was destroyed by fire in September, taking with it all of their belongings.

“Life, it’s changed,” mum Sonya reflects.

“I think it has taken a little time to adjust otherwise we’ve settled into things well.”

The family, Sonya and Rueben with children Anastasia, 14, Jonathan, 12, Emma, 11, Timothy, 8, Matthew, 3, and three-month-old baby Victoria, were fortunate to move into a cabin nearby, though it remained almost unfurnished.

Giving birth to baby Victoria just days before the fire, Sonya was without basic supplies for her newborn though not for long as donations quickly flowed in.

“With the help of everyone . . . we could just start life, everything we needed we [received in donations],” Sonya says.

“Everyone was so good. It was all quite overwhelming that amount of support, so wonderful.”

Among the donations were violins as well as monetary donations to purchase new instruments for the children who are devoted violinists.

This gesture meant that Anastasia, Jonathan, Emma and Timothy were recently able to graduate and continue with their next level of musical study, progressing to Certificate of Performance, Grade Eight, Grade Seven and Grade Four respectively.

A cherished day, the Kositsins are thankful to be spending Christmas together as a family this year and will be joined by relatives and friends in celebrating the birth of Christ.

“We’re happy to be all together,” Sonya says.

“Happy things worked out well and that we can share and be together.”

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