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Conditions of Use – August 2013

These terms and conditions, together with any other terms, conditions, policies, notices or disclaimers appearing anywhere on The Circular Head Chronicle website govern your use and access to the site.
Conditions may be changed at any time and continued use of our website will be considered acceptance of any future changes. If you are unable to accept these conditions, or future conditions, please discontinue use of our website immediately.

The Circular Head Chronicle website 
Every effort will be made to ensure continued accessibility of our website but we do not make any guarantees in any form that access will be uninterrupted or specific in speed or consistency. Service, system failure or internet issues may see our website unavailable without notice.
Unless written otherwise in our terms and conditions, The Circular Head Chronicle reserves the right to make any changes to this website or its services we desire, including adding or subtracting features, or changing the pricing for any services provided at any time without notice.

Access to our website

Access to the core components of the Circular Head Chronicle website is free but we reserve the right to add a registration process in the future, either paid or unpaid.
Abusers of the website, or those who do not abide by our terms or conditions,  may be blocked from some or all aspects of access to the website at the sole discretion of The Circular Head Chronicle and without notice.
By using the Circular Head Chronicle website you are affirming that you are either 18 years old or over, or have the consent of the relevant parent or guardian.

Your conduct on our website

Your conduct on the Circular Head Chronicle website must at no time break any laws or regulations in Tasmania or Australia. The site must not be used to transmit unauthorised material or information in any form; to solicit information or money from any person; to harass, abuse, threaten or offend other individuals; or for any other unlawful purpose.
Any correspondence with or on our site, including ‘comments’, must not be defamatory, abusive, offensive, pornographic, vulgar or otherwise indecent,  vilifying in anyway based on race, religion, age, sexual orientation or gender, appearance or disability, or exploitive of others in any form.
Any pictures submitted for use on our site must not contain nudity, pornography, excessive violence or include any images of others without their consent.

All files and correspondence must be provided without viruses, computer codes or hidden programs that may disrupt the function of the site or any computer connected to the site, or in any other way disrupt.
Picture or text are not to pose a privacy or security risk to any individual or be misleading or deceptive. Nor are they to promote or solicit for any service, goods or commercial gain, including advice in any professional field, without the expressed approval of the Circular Head Chronicle.
You are not to use any other software, method or device to circumvent the structure of the website, its security, to modify the site or content in any way, to retrieve information or reproduce part or all of its contents outside of the site structure without the written approval of The Circular Head Chronicle.

Your provided content

If you submit pictures, comments or content, either by uploading, posting, or otherwise making available on the Circular Head Chronicle website you are granting us a non-exclusive and royalty-free worldwide licence to reproduce, utilise, or edit the same for any purpose or in an form, subject to our conditions of use.
By providing pictures, comments or content you warrant that you have the authority to grant the said licence to same, that it meets the terms of our conditions and waive any rights as defined by the Copyright Act.
We accept no liability or responsibility for any submitted picture, comment or any other content posted, uploaded or otherwise made available on our website by anyone not employed by Jamala Press Pty Ltd, parent company of The Circular Head Chronicle, nor do we endorse any opinion, comment, advice or statement made by other individuals or companies.
We reserve the right to monitor, review, reject or delete any pictures, comments or content posted, uploaded or otherwise made available on the website that we deem in our sole judgment to violate these terms or conditions, or may be considered harmful to, insensitive to, endangering or violating the rights of any person. We may store and/or disclose the same to the relevant authority to fulfill any governmental obligation or police investigation, or to internally investigate compliance with our terms and conditions.

Other Content

The Circular Head Chronicle website is protected by copyright. News stories, photographs and other content provided by The Circular Head Chronicle are protected and may not be used for commercial gain or to be used to promote or maintain, or assist in promoting or maintaining, any other website, social media channel, publication or alternative means of distribution without the express written consent of Jamala Press Pty Ltd.
You may reproduce or display content from this website for our own, non-commercial, personal use but such use is limited to a sole permanent copy for reference purposes only and any content is not to be used, changed or manipulated in any way, or for any other purpose without the express written consent of Jamala Press Pty Ltd.

Third party links and advertising

Any link on our website to an external site is not under our control and we accept no responsibility when you leave our website via a link or any other connection to another site. This includes media providers or streamers, or social media sites.
You may not link to our website without the express written consent of Jamala Press Pty Ltd.
Our website features advertising content from our clients. By displaying same, we do not endorse, support, recommend or otherwise promote the services or products of any advertiser. We are not responsible for any correspondence in any way you may have with any advertising client, or other person, whether via our website or by using its services. We are also not responsible in any way for any third party promotion, event, competition or otherwise that maybe promoted on our website.


Any use of the Circular Head Chronicle’s website is solely at the risk of the user. Unless otherwise stated, content is provided for information only and is not intended as advice in any way. We are not responsible for any decision made or action perused based on information gathered from our website.
We do not make any guarantee or representation that any content is accurate, complete or otherwise reliable or accept any responsibility in anyway from any omissions or inaccuracies.
We are also not liable for any failure or expense caused by a failure of our website in any way, including interruptions, computer viruses or malfunctions at your end to software or equipment.
By using this website you acknowledge that we are not responsible for, or liable for, any expense or inconvenience in any way that may be directly or indirectly related to your use of this site.
In no circumstances will Jamala Press Pty Ltd be liable to you for any expense, loss or damage in any way, either incidental or consequential, that may arise from your use of the Circular Head Chronicle web site.

Google Maps conditions

The Google Maps service is provided to you on this website under licence from Google Inc. By using the Google Maps service and any data or information accessed from Google Maps, you also agree to be bound by the Google Maps terms and conditions available at the following url: http://www.google.com/intl/en_us/help/terms_maps.html.

Contacting the Circular Head Chronicle

Please email The Circular Head Chronicle at admin@chchronicle.com.au if you believe another user has been using our website in breach of our terms and conditions. Any action deemed necessary will then be undertaken confidentially and possibly without further contact to you.
If you wish to make a copyright infringement notification please identify any pictures, comments or content that you believe may be an infringement of your copyright and inform us of how you believe we may have or are infringing and include your contact information and signature.