Teachers’ aid

Treasure Chest opportunity store last week donated $12,500 worth of life saving equipment to local schools. The Circular Head SES crew hosted a defibrillator demonstration at the Smithton Christian Fellowship on Thursday and there to learn were (back from left) Treasure Chest volunteers Lynette Best and Jesse Jackson, St Peter Chanel Catholic School’s Brooke Lardner, Forest’s Amy Phillips, Smithton’s Joan Reid, (front from left) Edith Creek’s Irene Grey and Smithton High’s Jill Kay with SES unit manager Ian “Snow” Nielsen. Picture: Ashleigh Force. 

Precaution. Five potentially life saving devices have been donated to schools throughout the region by local opportunity store Treasure Chest.

Smithton High School, St Peter Chanel Catholic School and Smithton, Forest and Edith Creek primary schools each received a ZOLL AED Plus defibrillator last week valued at $2500 each.

On behalf of Treasure Chest Keith Saward said the devices are a necessity throughout the community including within a school environment.

“There is a need for them, we’re finding them to be so advantageous in saving lives.”

A demonstration was held at the Smithton Christian Fellowship by the Circular Head SES crew last Thursday (October 20) to prepare teachers should they ever be faced with the emergency of using a defibrillator.

“Defibs are only as good as the person operating them so you really have to make sure you understand how to use them,” SES unit manager Ian “Snow” Nielsen said.

“These save lives and the thing about saving lives is you need to take action quickly to keep the blood circulating to the brain.

“Anyone who goes into cardiac arrest and is in close proximity to a defib has a good chance of survival.”

Fortunately, the latest technology defibrillators talk the user through the resuscitation process.

“In countless scenarios these have proven their worth,” Snow said.

“There are many people still walking around this town today because of these.”

There are now more than 40 publicly accessible defibrillators in Circular Head. In an emergency situation call 000.


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