Tassie boys in Alice Springs

Tournament. Fierce competition and blistering heat met locals Ben Revell, Brandon Tonks, Aaron Tuxworth and Bhodi Johnston at the National Indigenous Cricket Championships in Alice Springs, Northern Territory earlier this month.

Joining Tasmania’s squad for the week-long annual tournament, debutants Tonks and Tuxworth impressed with fine bowling and precise batting respectively.

Following a round one bye, Tasmania began their campaign on Tuesday February 7 against the host territory. Notching just 101 runs in 30.5 overs, Tasmania was defeated by Northern Territory (5/272).

An encounter with South Australia the following day saw Tuxworth (28 not out) contribute to the side’s total of 9/160 from 50 overs. Revell (1/9) and Tonks (1/16) also made an impact on the game, however Tasmania was overrun when South Australia reached their target of 3/163 in 28 overs.

Tonks (1/21) continued his form in round four while Johnston (1/9) claimed his first wicket of the series. Western Australia made 7/142 in the Twenty20 clash and despite a short spell by Tuxworth (13 not out) Tasmania was defeated for 106 all out in 18.2 overs.

Tasmania claimed its first and only win in round five with 6/128 against Victoria’s 6/113. Tonks (1/19) again represented well with his contributions.

Facing Queensland in round six, Revell (20) contributed to Tasmania’s total of 91 runs until their opponents overtook with 4/153.

Round seven saw Tasmania make 7/76 with Johnston (19 not out) contributing well while Tonks (1/19) again bowled precisely before New South Wales claimed the game, 3/78.

In the final rostered game, Tasmania went up against South Australia. Tonks (1/30) and Revell (1/6) stopped their opponents from exceeding 4/134 and despite Tuxworth’s (32) efforts, Tasmania finished 9/122.


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