Tarkine trail discussions

Tourism. The Bob Brown Foundation last week met with Circular Head tourism stakeholders to discuss plans for the proposed Trans Tarkine Track.

The meeting was held at Tall Timbers on Wednesday (October 26) where Scott Jordan on behalf of the Bob Brown Foundation and the director of Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary Greg Irons presented the proposal.

Plans for the project were released in June with the hopes of creating a 100-kilometre walk through the Tarkine wilderness and along the north-west coast.

Circular Head Tourism Association president Clint Walker attended the meeting.

“From a tourism aspect, the proposal sounds fantastic. It’s the type of development, a highly desirable attraction, that north-west Tasmania needs in order to have any chance of maintaining our share of the growing Tasmanian visitor market.”

While supportive of the project, Mr Walker said he believes the project will take an extensive budget and is a long way off becoming a reality.

“They’ve (Bob Brown Foundation) spent a lot of private money to get to this point and there is still a significant amount of money to be shovelled in before it’s at a development stage.

“They’re hoping that at some stage, sooner rather than later, that the government will pick up the project and take it over as their own so it will cease to be a project of the Bob Brown Foundation.”

The foundation has commissioned a surveyance of the area by planning expert Martin Hawes and a report was compiled and presented to the major parties during the federal election. The project received the support of The Greens party.

The proposed walk will begin south-west of Burnie, and will highlight the Tarkine’s eucalyptus forests, button grass moorlands, Mount Bertha, the Norfolk Range and the rugged north-west coastline before finishing with a cruise along the Pieman River to Corinna.

The walk will be offered as a 10-day experience or as two five-day walks either side of the Western Explorer.


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