Talks begin for future

Cricket. A number of local stakeholders came together for an open community meeting on Monday night to discuss future options for cricket in Circular Head.

Organised by former Irishtown coach Sean Ryan, the possibility of creating a senior Circular Head representative team and the viability of a turf pitch were among the topics discussed with Cricket Tasmania NW regional manager Adam Drinkwell in attendance.

With local clubs now to be consulted about some of the ideas put forward before matters progress, Ryan said the meeting simply provided a discussion on a “few options of what we could do”.

“It’s been talked about for a few years really and no one’s put their hand up and said they’d do it,” he said.

“Cricket in Circular Head needs something else I think. The quality of juniors is as good as anywhere else and I don’t see why we couldn’t match it with [others].”

The cost and maintenance of a turf wicket was recognised as the “main obstacle” to provide new opportunities, with a restructuring of the local competition also a prospect if a senior coastal team is to be formed.

Any possible changes are not likely to affect the coming 2015/2016 season, but will look at coming into play in the years following.

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