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Bruce Wooldrage takes in the sights of Stanley from the Nut during a leisurely afternoon walk. The 76-year-old resident is proud of the work Parks and Wildlife Service has put into the natural feature in recent years. Pictures: Ashleigh Force.

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Explore. Stanley local Bruce Wooldrage takes pride in his backyard and exploring all it has to offer. 

The 76-year-old is an advocate for enjoying the great outdoors, especially in your own region. 

He often wanders Tatlows and Godfreys beaches, the streets of Stanley and the golf course in his afternoon strolls. The Nut State Reserve is another favourite spot of Bruce’s to take in a breath of fresh air and stretch the legs. 

“I used to walk the Nut a couple of times a week,” he says. 

“In the last couple of years I’ve slowed down a bit but I still come up here every now and again.” 

Whether walking the 2.3 kilometre circuit track atop the ancient volcanic formation, or savouring a coffee and sweet treat in the Nut Cafe at its base, Bruce says there is never a shortage of visitors to see. 

“You always meet different people walking the Nut,” he says. 

On his walks, Bruce has stumbled upon wallabies, snakes and even a Tasmanian devil in the daylight. While walking the circuit one recent spring afternoon he witnessed an echidna shuffling in the shrubbery at the edge of the track. 

“Visitors from other countries love to see the wallabies and the cameras all come out at the lookouts.” 

A valuable experience for visitors and locals alike, Bruce believes Parks and Wildlife Service deserves a pat on the back for its investment in infrastructure upgrades at the reserve in recent years. 

“I’d like to thank them for what they’ve done,” he says. 

“They’ve put in new seating and the tracks are much nicer to walk around now, an easy level walk.” 

PWS has been improving the walking experience at the Nut State Reserve over the last decade, including resurfacing the track with the bulk of the works being completed in the last three years.

A new viewing platform and six seats were also installed as part of these ongoing upgrades. 

With these installations and works making for an easier walk, Bruce says he hopes more and more locals will take an afternoon to appreciate the sights of Circular Head from the Nut.


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