A super effort

Circular Head Christian School’s AASC coordinator Kai Mohell (right) was presented with the 2014 Super Site Award for Tasmania by southern zone director James Selby on Tuesday.

Recognition. For the second time in as many years, Circular Head Christian School has been recognised for its exceptional efforts in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Following teacher Aaron Tuxworth taking out a Five Star Community Coach Award in 2013, the K-12 school has been presented with the 2014 Super Site Award for Tasmania by the government-run Active After-school Communities program.

Having organised the program for the past eight years, AASC site coordinator Kai Mohell first witnessed the success of the initiative from a previous position.

“I had done it in Zeehan, and then the opportunity came up here for the school,” he said.
“We’ve tweaked it here and there, every year is different. It’s just a great program, everyone’s involved, everyone’s moving.”

For two days a week when the end-of-day bell goes at 2.45pm, a healthy snack is provided for afternoon tea to boost the energy levels of students.

Sessions are divided into three stages: an initial group activity gets the ball rolling, coaches then split participants into three groups for a smaller, more-focused exercise, and lastly students regroup for a final game.

A variety of sports are trialled throughout the year, with a focus on individual skills to allow for greater participation regardless of age.

CHCS averaged around 35 students per session throughout the year with more on the books. Mr Mohell said some of the biggest benefactors were senior students trained as program coaches.

“In part of the training, the coaches go through and organise the sessions; they’ve gained the skills,” he said.

“It’s been fantastic. Just to win this award has been fantastic for their efforts to be recognised.”

Initiated nationwide in 2005 by the Australian government to enhance motor skills and promote outdoor activity, the AASC evaluates Super Site Award nominees on five criteria, with winners across the country receiving a $500 Hart Sport voucher.

With schools separated into three clusters – north, north west and south – in Tasmania, CHCS is the first winner of the award in the region.

“Each cluster has just over 20 members – we’re quite pleased to be deemed the best,” Mr Mohell said, adding he was “very grateful” for the Commonwealth funding the program.

Despite AASC being terminated at the end of this year for a new initiative, the school will continue to offer the program in “some sort of way” in coming years.


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