Student’s big chop

Family and friends make up team Hazard Academy, including Libby Buckby, Nadia Kay, Angela Stewart, Leighton Stewart, Doug Buckby, Andy Kay and Makayla Buckby.

Unite. Like others, this Relay for Life team bands together to raise funds and awareness for locals with cancer.

Hazard Academy is a group of families and friends, led by team leader Leesa Kay.

“All of us have been impacted by cancer with parents, siblings, close relations and friends all battling this disease,” she says.

“Andy (husband) and I have been involved with relay since it first came to Circular Head. Andy is a committee member and he has also been a driver for Transport to Treatment, which helped highlight to us the necessity to relay and raise funds for this service and others in support of Circular Head cancer patients.”

This will be Hazard’s second relay. The origin of the team name drawing on the men’s indoor volleyball history as well as letters which represent each of the members.

“Half of our team are school-aged children and we all participate during relay to keep the baton going round. Our kids understand the impact of cancer and know by doing their part they are helping create awareness.

“It is with this attitude that Makayla Buckby will be having her hair cut at relay, to donate to charity to be made into a wig. Makayla’s school, St Peter Chanel, have kindly made arrangements for a crazy hair and milkshake day.

“We’re looking forward to this year’s relay. If you’re about, come and see us and admire Makayla’s new do.”

The 2018 Relay for Life is to be held at the Smithton Recreation Ground next weekend (March 17 and 18).

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