Stress buster

Via video link, Emmerton Park residents are learning mindfulness. The course is open to the wider community.

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Wellbeing. Emmerton Park is helping residents reduce stress through mindfulness.

It is not only residents who are practising being in the present, they are joined by staff, volunteers and members of the wider community.

Technology plays a great part in the weekly sessions, with the group’s teacher Astrid de Ruiter based on the mainland and guiding the participants via video link.

“I find there’s a great openness to new and lifelong learning,” says Emmerton Park’s Ivon Reuvers.

“This course is a wonderful opportunity to do this together and explore the benefits – another tool to help manage life.”

To quote one participant, age 89: ‘You’re never too old to learn something new.’

This is the second course being run at the Emmerton Park Club House, offered by Mindfulness Programs Australasia.

The course is suited to anyone who would like to improve their skills in dealing with difficulties that may arise in their lives. The course offers the opportunity to learn new ways to look after yourself, sleep better or enhance your understanding of others.

All are welcome at the library in the Emmerton Park Club House every Wednesday from 10 to 11.30am. For more information phone 6452 9400.

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