Stop: Children crossing

Circular Head Christian School assistant principal Jono Arnold and CRSP member Deb Mainwaring are urging both drivers and pedestrians to use caution in school zones as classes resume this week. Picture: Ashleigh Force.

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Safety. As schools are flooded with returning students and staff this week, motorists and pedestrians are reminded to take care on the roads. 

Circular Head Community Road Safety Partnership member Deb Mainwaring has urged road users to use caution in school zones, around buses and at children’s crossings. 

Drivers are reminded that at allocated pedestrian crossings, the pedestrian has right of way. 

At the Grant Street crossings in Smithton, one is manned while the other is intermittently monitored by teachers. 

School pedestrian crossings operate before and after school hours, and often at other nominated times. When in use, flags displaying the words children crossing will identify when drivers should be extra vigilant of pedestrians and students crossing. 

Drivers must slow down and stop before the stop line when a pedestrian is on a crossing or waiting to cross, and remain stopped until all pedestrians are off the crossing.

Circular Head Christian School assistant principal Jono Arnold says he is mostly pleased with the behaviour of both motorists and pedestrians. 

“We do encourage our students to walk or ride to school, especially in this beautiful weather and we need cars and other vehicles to look out for those students,” he says. 

“Our students have been taught to be aware and see potential dangers but it is important that drivers are also mindful of students walking or riding a bike or scooter to and from school.” 

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