Stock underpass program

Agriculture. The state government has allocated an additional $600,000 to the Stock Underpass Pilot Program, extending the funding until 2021-22. 

Based on industry feedback, the cap on funding available under the program has been lifted to 33 per cent of costs to a maximum of $80,000.

Established last year with an allocation of $750,000, the program was created to support improved farm and road safety, and increased farm productivity across the livestock farming sector. 

“Crossing cattle on roads is a significant issue for many dairy and livestock farmers and we have been working with the TFGA and DairyTas as well as local farmers and councils to develop a practical approach to address the issue,” Minister for Primary Industries and Water Sarah Courtney said. 

“Supporting and listening to Tasmania’s agriculture and food producers is a key part of our plan to grow the sector tenfold to $10 billion by 2050.”

For more information or to submit an application, visit

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