Staying alert paramount

Circular Head Community Road Safety Partnership and Wells Waggons are driving the ‘Look Out, Think Ahead’ message throughout the region to remind drivers of the dangers of rural roads. Picture: Ashleigh Force. 

Safety. Local buses en route throughout the region now carry the ‘Look Out, Think Ahead’ message urging motorists to remain vigilant on rural roads.

An initiative of the Circular Head Community Road Safety Partnership (CRSP), the campaign successfully gained funding through the Tasmanian Community Road Safety scheme to promote the message on Wells Waggons’ vehicles.

CRSP member Deb Mainwaring said road users should be cautious of the dangers motorists can encounter on rural roads.

“It is important to ensure the awareness campaign promotes that the hazards on roads can be avoiding wildlife, milk tankers, tractors, log trucks and school buses,” she said.

“You never know what may be around the corner [and] reducing speeds and driving to the conditions is paramount.”

The Look Out, Think Ahead message will be displayed on the local school buses for the next 12 months to remind road users of these hazards.

Wells Waggons’ Kimbra Wells said all drivers should always be alert to wildlife, other vehicles and the weather when on the road.

“We have to drive thinking the worst is always around the corner,” she said.

“Over half our fleet carries the message driving in various directions throughout the region to get the message across the community.”

In January last year, CRSP installed signage along the Bass Highway with the Look Out, Think Ahead message and will continue to spread the message among motorists.

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