Spraying begins to rid bay pest

Circular Head Landcare Group vice president Sue Jennings holds one of several notice signs that will line Duck Bay over the next few weeks. Picture: Bodey Dittloff.

Weeds. The Circular Head Landcare Group will begin the eradication of the ricegrass weed early next week along the eastern edge of Duck Bay.

Those wishing to fish in the Duck Bay and Duck River areas are urged to take caution with eating their catch, with controlled spraying taking place between January 20 to 24 and February 3 to 9.

Circular Head Landcare Group vice president Sue Jennings warned that while there is only a slight risk of infecting fish in the area, it’s better to “be cautious in this situation”.

“The shallow areas of the bay are breeding grounds for flounder and flathead, so we have to get rid of the ricegrass,” Ms Jennings said.

“It’s a short term inconvenience for fishermen, but it will be a benefit in the long run.”

With the local Smithton Scouts helping monitor the affected areas with regular photos, Ms Jennings is confident that their active approach will kill the weed without damaging other plant life.

“It [spraying] definitely works – West Inlet has had a similar approach over the last four years,” she said.

“The measure of our success will show if the ricegrass doesn’t grow back when spring comes around.”

The withholding period for spraying the ricegrass, which was originally introduced into the area to ‘beautify’ mudflats, will be from January 20 to February 16.


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