Spicing up the street

Forest Primary School’s Spice Kids, led by Annette Dawes entertain locals in the Emmett Street CBD on Thursday as part of the choir’s tour of Smithton. Picture: Ashleigh Force. 

Music. The Forest Primary School choir ‘Spice Kids’ went on tour last week spreading a contagious harmony of tunes everywhere they went.

Stepping out of the classroom on Thursday to entertain the community with their singing and dancing, the group began their tour in front of a big crowd at Emmerton Park.

Led by local performer Annette Dawes, the group of 26 students then moved on to serenade the Smithton District Hospital at a fundraiser morning tea for the Leukaemia Foundation’s ‘Light the Night’.

Continuing their one-day tour, the group captivated curious shoppers in the Emmett Street shopping district, gathering quite a crowd and at times stopping traffic.

The Spice Kids’ final performance was at Wyndarra Centre for staff and visitors.

Mrs Dawes said she couldn’t have hoped for a more successful day, “I’m so proud of them.”

Practising weekly for just 20 minutes, the choir of students from grades three to six spent twice as long singing at each destination on Thursday.

This is the second tour the Spice Kids have been on, after a successful pre-Christmas program last year.

“We had a great response . . . so I thought this year we would do it a bit earlier to support Light the Night,” Mrs Dawes said. “It gives the students the opportunity to showcase their talent to the wider community, it’s a great opportunity and fantastic experience.”


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