South shield recipients 

Sonia Poke worked tirelessly throughout the Greater Northern League’s sixth round in Smithton on Saturday, where the Saints’ opponents South Burnie claimed victory of the ‘Wealth Financial Shield’. Pictures: Ashleigh Force. 

GNL women. The Rocky Cape Tavern Saints hosted South Burnie in Smithton on Saturday, battling for the well respected title of ‘Wealth Financial Shield’ champions.

The round six Greater Northern League match began with the Saints pouncing on South’s defence early, however the opposition’s goalie made it difficult for the Saints to capitalise, continually closing in on Saints’ relentless attacks until a Hawks fullback was able to clear the ball into midfield.

The tables turned as South began penetrating Smithton’s defence, however the valuable work of goalie Keeley Hinds and solid defence from fullbacks Leah House and Mel Gray held up the onslaught for some time.

When an infringement occurred in Saints’ attacking circle, the Hawks were awarded a penalty corner which they easily converted to goal minutes before half time.

Despite a strong presence all over field, the Saints were unable to effectively link passes together and into their attacking circle throughout the second half with much of the play in the midfield.

Ali Oates made a welcome return to the Saints, her presence much appreciated in the forward line, while Bek Lardner, Alex Mainwaring, Sonia Poke and Laura Korpershoek all displayed impressive performances.

A second goal from South Burnie sealed the game with a final score of 2-0.

Following a tally of the Division One and Two games, the shield returned to Burnie with the champions.

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