Smithton Cubs’ cleanup

Cubs Taya and Mia Schuuring, Erin Sommerville, Meredith Jamieson, Chris Joyce, Lachlan Charles, Joe Watkins, Damon Joyce, Max Dywer, Joel Porteous, Lester, Willem and Hugh Dywer, Tobey Schuuring and Aidan Enniss helped clean up Seven Mile Beach recently.

Environment. The Smithton Cubs picked up more than 27 kilograms of waste during its Beachwatch clean up last month.

The collection of waste was primarily made up of plastic drink bottles, food packaging, glass bottles and aluminium cans. But the volunteers also found a nappy, some fencing wire and two motorbike tyres along the 1.5 kilometre stretch they covered on Seven Mile Beach.

Cub leader Malcolm Joyce said 15 children and six adults took part on the day, recording every item they picked up. He said they sent the information to the Tangaroa Blue Ocean Society in Western Australia, who collects the data Australia wide.

Mr Joyce said it was the second time this year the Smithton Cubs have picked up rubbish along that particular stretch of beach. However, due to shoreline bird nesting, they were prevented to enter the sand dunes on their first visit, which is where they collected the majority of  waste on their second cleanup.

“Where the dunes meet the foliage, that’s where we found the most of it,” he said. “[So] the first time we hardly got anything.”

Mr Joyce said the shoreline bird season went from September until the end of April, so he hoped to schedule another cleanup in this year before that period begins.

He said if it is anything like the day the 15 children and six adults had last cleanup, it will be an enjoyable one.

The Smithton Cubs meet every Tuesday night.

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