Smithton aerodrome sale

Aviation. Smithton’s airport is up for sale.

The government-owned aerodrome is yet to reach its full development potential, according to Infrastructure Minister Rene Hidding.

“In government hands, the aerodrome has been an ongoing liability that is costing taxpayers each year, with a $70,000 loss in the last year alone,” he said.

“There has been interest from the commercial aviation industry in this facility and we believe there is potential for its development, which would lead to more investment and jobs in the local community.”

Covenants have been placed on the sale to ensure the site can only be operated as an aerodrome once purchased, and subject to existing lease and licence arrangements.

Circular Head Council general manager Tony Smart said the council was pleased with the provisions.

“This assurance will provide community confidence that not only will they have

continued air emergency services when required, but the opportunity for prospective business investors looking at the Circular Head region,” he said.

“The council is looking forward to welcoming the new owners of the site.”

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