Sleep like a baby

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Venture. A change in career has provided Jess Magee and her family with an easy night’s rest.

As a first time mother, Jess struggled through months of broken sleep and says the breaking point was when she reached “total sleep deprivation”.

“During these eight months I felt like a different person – my already present anxiety was in overdrive, my relationship suffered, I wasn’t enjoying much of anything.”

In haze of sleep deprivation in the early hours of one morning, Jess became determined to find her freedom again and reached out to an online sleep consultant.

“This was a turning point,” she says, “within a few weeks Finn was sleeping so much better and I was confident with my settling and routine with him.”

She took it upon herself to learn more, delving deep into the research.

“When I had my second son Oscar [by] following things I had learnt, he slept like a dream from eight weeks.”

At this stage, Jess and husband Luke were made redundant in the closure of Murray Goulburn Co-operative Edith Creek factory.

Using the Rapid Response Skills Initiative through the Circular Head Regional Economic Development Working Group, Jess took the opportunity to become a qualified sleep consultant.

“I wanted to educate parents on how to make it a little bit easier to transition and the importance of mums getting, not only their own sleep but their own time.”

Specialising in birth to four years, Jess uses the mantra ‘sleep helps, sleep heals, sleep grows’.

She says creating consistency, establishing positive sleep associations and providing children with the opportunity to sleep in a familiar environment is key.

“You don’t have to have a strict routine . . . but just by creating a rhythm for your kids you’ll see the difference.”

For more information visit JM Sleep Consultancy on Facebook.

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