Shucks, they’re good!

Tarkine Fresh Oysters, produced by the team at Bolduans Bay Oysters in Smithton, has been recognised at a state award ceremony. Picture: Ashleigh Force.

Accolade. From a family owned and operated business venture, Tarkine Fresh Oysters has crafted a place in the industry.

More commonly known as Bolduans Bay Oysters, the local business is capitalising on the region’s brand, most recently adding another accolade to its collection by winning gold at the Tasmanian Shellfish Industry Awards.

Claiming the title of Tassie’s Top Oyster, the West Esplanade producer was also recognised for Best Open Dozen and People’s Choice in Launceston on Saturday.

Firstly judged on overall width, length and breadth, the oysters undergo further judging while unshucked for consistency of size and shape and checked for growth checks. Then they are shucked and judged for meat to shell ratio, fat coverage, absence of defects and consistency of meat.

Operations manager Jarrad Poke says not knowing how an oyster will present inside brings an element of surprise to the awards.

Established in 1979, the farm spans 78 hectares with an average stockpile ranging between 12 and 16 million oysters.

Now the company is looking to expand into the tourism market with a vision to offer off-shore tours of the farm.

“The dream would be to grab oysters straight from the water and enjoy with a glass of champagne on the water,” says retail manager Cassie Plaza.

This follows expansion of the current site to offer a commercial cafe.

Set to open in December, the cafe will offer fresh Tasmanian produce including TOP Fish octopus, Blue Hills Honey, Ashgrove Cheese and 41 Degrees South salmon along with a choice of beverages such as Ghost Rock Vineyard wine, Seven Sheds Brewery craft beer and Infuse Coffee.

The cafe works began in December last year and an expected official opening is set for December.

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