Shaun the Sheep

Shaun the Sheep, who was found after wandering in the bush for six years, will make an appearance at the Circular Head Show next month with his 23.5 kilograms of wool in tow.

Attraction. This year’s Circular Head Show has a few surprises in store, and Shaun the Sheep from South Rhodes is one of them.

Shaun was found near Stonehenge (Midlands) in August 2014 after disappearing from a property on the East Coast six years ago and wandering in the bush ever since. When he was shorn, his fleece weighed in at 23.5 kilograms, just under the world record of 27kg.

Shaun, along with his new girlfriend Prue, and his two new stepchildren will be making a guest appearance at the show; the only appearance he will be making on the north-west coast.

The fleece that was shorn from his body will also be on display and measured on average 16 centimetres long.
To read more about Shaun the Sheep, find him on Facebook.

For more information about the Circular Head Show go to or contact the secretary Josie Wells on 0456 003 609.

What: 106th Circular Head Show
When: Saturday December 6, 9am to 5pm
Where: Stanley Recreation Ground
Cost: $10 for children and adults 14 years and over, $5 for children aged 5-14, and free for children under five.

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