Shark at Nettley’s

Surf. A surfer was reportedly knocked off his board by a shark last Thursday afternoon.

The incident occurred at Nettley Bay, Marrawah in what were “poor surf conditions” according to Surfing Tasmania chief executive Shayne Clark.

Two north-west men, aged in their early 20s, went out for a surf despite the small waves.

“There’s a lot of salmon around at the moment, and they thought they had seen a fin earlier,” Mr Clark said.

“For those who know Nettley’s, they were surfing right in by the car park . . . short right handers into that rip that runs out to the rocks,” Mr Clark said.

It was there in the murky water that the “bump” happened.

“The shark came up from below and hit the board and knocked the boy off the board.”

The pair scrambled to the safety of the rocks.

“It’s not an uncommon thing,” Mr Clark said. “There are a hundreds of people on the water at the weekend all over Tasmania, sometimes we cross paths.

“It’s just one of the hazards of using the ocean, whether it’s here in Tasmania or in Europe. Fortunately it’s a rare occurrence.”

Surfing Tasmania keeps surfers informed about any shark sightings through social media.

“Our advice to surfers is, if you see a shark or have a shark encounter to stay out of the water today, and if you want to go surfing tomorrow, you need to be extra vigilant.”

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