Sandy Cape threat

Fire. Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) issued a bushfire ‘Watch and Act’ alert for Sandy Cape last Thursday due to the ‘Mawbanna’ fire’s uncontrolled nature at the time.

Blazing since January 14, the fire extends from Mawbanna in a south-west direction to Norfolk Range.

According to the TFS website, the main fire has burned in forested and buttongrass vegetation and has largely been contained in adjoining rainforest areas and moist gullies. Peat continues to smoulder as hotspots.

Crews continue to patrol the boundary and remove hazards, blackout edges and implement a rehabilitation plan.

Hotspots are being water-bombed on the north-east edge with ground crew support. Hotspots and small areas of active flame on the western edge will continue to be monitored.

To date, 62,637 hectares has burnt.

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