Saints’ steep defeat

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GNL. The Tall Timbers Smithton Saints travelled to take on the Queechy Penguins in the Greater Northern League on Saturday.

The men started proceedings strongly as both sides displayed intensity however Smithton’s defence was tested as Queechy shot out to open the scoring within minutes, before securing a second goal soon after.  

The Saints held the Penguins at bay for some time before converting a penalty corner of their own to narrow the margin.

Smithton started the second term stronger to gain several scoring opportunities however a turnover allowed the home side to penetrate the Saints’ defence to take a two goal margin at half time, 3-1.

The third term proved more challenging for the visitors as Queechy converted a penalty corner before following with a second and third goal for the quarter.

Determined to improve in the final quarter, Smithton stood up to put Queechy on their toes, yet the home side slipped through the visiting defence to score.

Two minutes remained on the clock when Joe Coombs converted a penalty corner to bring the scoreline to 7-2 at the final siren.

For the women, Queechy overpowered Smithton by two goals as Zoe Groves earned the Saints’ goal, 3-1. 

In the next round of the Greater Northern League, the Smithton Saints will travel to McKenna Park where the men will take on South Burnie while the women meet with Launceston City.

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