Safety concerns prompt speed reduction 

NEW LIMIT: The speed limit between Smith and John streets in Smithton has been reduced from 60 kilometres per hour to 50km/h in order to address safety concerns. Picture: Ashleigh Force.

Traffic. A speed limit reduction has been established between Smith and John streets in Smithton following ongoing safety concerns for motorists and pedestrians.

Circular Head Council general manager Tony Smart said a request was lodged with the Department of State Growth in June to reduce the previous limit of 60 kilometres per hour to 50km/h.

After receiving direction from the Transport Commission in August, signage arrived this month before the new limit took effect on Thursday September 15.

Motorists should be cautious to reduce their speed to 50km/h between the Goldie and Smith streets roundabout, along Goldie Street and Brittons Road before the limit increases to 60km/h at John Street, leading out of town.

The change was prompted by concerning statistics stating at least 16 accidents had occurred on this section of road since 2010.

Mr Smart said several suggestions had been put to the council, including guard rails at various corners, however it was believed the reduction would “provide a safer solution to concerns”.

In terms of disruption to travel time the estimated delay is approximately eight to 10 seconds.

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