Rural roads

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Debate. Circular Head Council will develop a policy position on its takeover of private roads following a request from a group of Smithton residents.

Lane Park is a gravel driveway under private ownership which leads to a subdivision off Montagu Road, home to six properties. The driveway crosses a series of right-of-way intersections forming a public road.

Council has received a request from residents to take over ownership and maintenance responsibility of Lane Park. A policy position will be developed before providing a response to the local residents.

Across Circular Head, there are 122 kilometres of private road. For a private road to be converted to a public road, an upgrade to the minimum standard is required at an estimated cost of $120,000.

Council-owned gravel roads cost approximately $2450 per kilometre annually, while rural sealed roads cost $8400. Conversion from a private to public road would also increase the annual operating expenses by approximately $1700.

During discussion, councillors noted road takeovers could cost council up to $1 million and result in a rate increase of between four and 13 per cent, however also noted it is unlikely the total 122 kilometres of private road will require takeover.

The matter has been earmarked for discussion at an upcoming workshop.

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