Robins, Tigers victory

The Circular Head Hockey Association Division Two premiership title was awarded to Robins in the Grand Final clash in Smithton on Saturday. Pictures: Ashleigh Force. 

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CHHA. In both divisions of the Circular Head Hockey Association Grand Final, Robins and Tigers fought for the title. 

The action started swiftly as Division Three launched Saturday’s proceedings. 

Andy Crole scored within two minutes of the game for Tigers though it did not take long for Robins to reply as Jenny Poke drew the margin. 

The intensity increased in the second quarter as Sarah Kay provided the ammunition for Tigers to edge ahead as leaders once more, before Ali Dennison scored for Robins in the third term.  

The fifth goal of the game was awarded to Tigers’ Melissa Dodd before notching a second in the fourth quarter to clear a two goal margin. 

Dennison attempted to bring Robins back into contention in the final quarter before the final siren sealed the game in Tigers’ favour, 4 to 3. 

Robins’ Maddison Charles and Andrea Jaffray-Morf displayed determination throughout the match, making second and third attempts in each contest. 

Sari Lehmann dominated throughout the midfield, providing opportunities for the team to move into offence while also remaining a consistent source of strength and support in defence. 

Thalia Ling and Teri Nicholls worked relentlessly and Clare Wright proved her potential, utilising speed and skill to slide away from her opponents. 

Kay frustrated the Robins’ opposition as she darted across the field for four quarters while Sara Rogers and Crole provided worked along the left side of field. 

Stacey Champion-Williams and Jodi Smith both proved reliable in the midfield, providing opportunities to move into attack and also taking the initiative to move forward on multiple occasions. 

Tigers started the Div Two clash with claws out while Robins struggled to take off. 

The first break neared when Camilla Woolley scored for Tigers, playing a fierce role in the game. 

A penalty corner in the second quarter provided the opportunity for Robins’ Leah House to bring the game to one apiece with a neat strike. 

House converted a second penalty corner after the half-time break, providing Robins with the drive to surge ahead. 

The team gathered momentum in the third term, striving into offence as Tigers began to lose structure and crumble in defence. 

The side continued to capitalise in its offensive circle, converting another penalty corner from the stick of Lara Porteus-Smith to stretch the margin to two goals. 

Robins’ Julia Gale and Laura Korpershoek provided the side with structure, guiding the game from the backline while Lauren Robinson and Laura Carins surged ahead in attack. 

Karlette Perry played a critical role for Tigers, running through the midfield alongside daughter Connie Perry while Gina Jackson, Maddison Jackson and Veronica Dodd ran hard throughout the match. 

As time ran out, Robins looked to have claimed the game with a clean victory until Tigers earned a penalty corner on the final siren. 

Connie Perry converted the goal to bring the score to 3 to 2 in Robins’ favour to earn the premiership title.

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