Robins’ double victory

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CHHA. Tigers and Robins will feature in both divisions of the Circular Head Hockey Association Grand Final this weekend after defeating Irishtown and Mustangs to take the spot.

In the Preliminary Final played on Saturday, Irishtown and Robins fought for the Division Two premiership place.

Robins were switched on from the start, pressing into offence. Laura Korpershoek, Elyse Poke and Julia Gale used their skills to cause concern for the Irishtown defence, however goalkeeper Cheryl Eatts and fullbacks Georgie Finch and Judy Johns prevented the opposition from coming too close.

This changed in the second quarter when Mackenzie Poke, of Robins, slipped behind to score a goal.

Irishtown retaliated soon after, earning a penalty corner and calling on Johns to make the conversion.

Following the half time break, Robins took to the turf refreshed while Irishtown seemed unsettled.

Robins’ Lauren Robertson capitalised on this following a series of penalty corners.

The final quarter was hard fought as Abbey House and Demi Littlejohn ran from end to end to assist Irishtown.

Despite the stakes, Irishtown fell flat providing Robins with the victory, 2-1.

In Div Three, Robins and Mustangs met in the evening. Robins converted within one minute with a striking field goal from Teri Nicholls.

Mustangs’ Joanie Coker, Ara Popowski and Ella House held out Robins for the remainder of the first half and into the second.

Robins’ Tahlia Ling, Sari Lehmann and Jackie Poke were strong players throughout the four quarters, providing Jenny Poke with an offensive opportunity in the fourth to win the match, 2-0.

The Circular Head Hockey Association Grand Final will be played this Saturday (August 25), starting with Div Three at 10am followed by Div Two at 12pm.

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