Robins and Tigers’ prowl

Tigers’ Karlette Perry (centre) worked hard in the midfield on Saturday against Irishtown. Here she is pictured with two other best players, Irishtown’s Tori Horton and Kahla Enniss. Picture: Jodie Saville.

CHHA. Round 14 started with Robins defeating Mustangs 4-0 and Tigers taking the points against Irishtown 2-0.

Mustangs were very forceful in the first 10 minutes, putting Robins on the back foot. Robins’ defence held firm and repelled many attacking moves, which set up their forwards to work the ball around the opposition to have two goals on the score board at half time.

Robins continued to attack and Mustangs’ defence worked tirelessly, stopping constant opportunities. Robins found the back board twice more, however the score line did not indicate how well both teams played.

The other game between Tigers and Irishtown was an evenly contested match with Irishtown consistently putting pressure on Tigers’ defence. At the 20 minute mark, Tigers scored their only goal for the half with a deflection from Sidney Stokes. Tigers’  picked up the pace and  started to control the game with Karlette Perry and Melissa Poke working hard in the mid-field. Donna Porteus worked well with Tori Horton, consistently working the ball into their circle but could not get through the Tigers’ solid defence. Tigers’ other goal was off a well worked penalty corner from striker Poke.

Division two goal scorers: R Gould 2, J McLaren, J Johns; best players: J Gale, S Johns, L House, E Innes-Smith, E House, A Popowski; g/s S Stokes, M Poke; b/p K Perry, M Poke, C Woolley, H Jackson, D Porteus, A Dixon, K Enniss, T Horton.

In Division three Robins defeated Irishtown 2-0 and Tigers defeated Mustangs 2-1. g/s: T Corrigan, E Curtain; b/p E Curtain, T Nicholls, P Ferguson, K Amos, R Poke, T Poke; g/s M Dodd, J Ollington, S Yallup; b/p S Champion, J Ollington, V Smith, C Lambert, D Scott, T Scott, C Eatts, E Buckby.

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