Rivalry runs rampant 

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CHHA. Traditionally fierce rivals, Irishtown and Tigers met in round seven of the Circular Head Hockey Association on Saturday.

The Division Two teams hit the turf with power as Tigers settled into a structured game to rattle the Irishtown opponents.

Tigers entered the second half with one goal to the tally before securing a second soon after as Irishtown rallied. A series of penalty corners awarded to Irishtown provided the opportunity for the side to capitalise, as Sam Johns slipped two smooth shots past the goalkeeper.

A passage of play between Amanda House and Abbey House was swiftly converted by Bianca West in a superb moment for Irishtown to lead 3-2.

As the clock ticked through the final period, Tigers claimed a devastating goal drawing the game 3-3.

In the Division Three games played on Monday, Tigers and Robins delivered an electrifying spectacle.

Stacey Champion-Williams, Harriet Perry, Sara Rogers and Sarah Kay provided drive for Tigers who claimed three unopposed goals in the first quarter before Robins hit the scoreboard in the second.

As the second half resumed, Tigers notched a fourth goal followed by a fifth in the final quarter taking the tally to one each from Rogers, Kay and Melissa Dodd and two goals to Jodi Smith.

Robins remained in the contest clinching a second goal in the last quarter, one converted by Sari Lehmann and the other from Mackenzie Poke as the game finished in the favour of Tigers, 5-2.

Irishtown and Mustangs took to the turf in the game to follow.

Katelyn Cramer slipped a goal past the keeper in the first quarter providing Irishtown with a slight advantage. The side maintained this lead until after the main break when Mustangs evened the scores.

Ella House and Montana Casey allowed Mustangs to edge forward with a goal each in the final period, holding out for a 2-1 victory.

In the next round of the Circular Head Hockey Association, Div Three teams Tigers and Mustangs will meet this Saturday (May 26) from 11am. On Monday (May 28), Div Two sides Irishtown and Robins will play at 6.30pm followed by the Div Three equivalent at 8pm.


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