Reduction on environment

Bevan Anderson at the Smithton Sewage Treatment Plant which si currently undergoing desludging works.

Project. A local landowner and TasWater have established an arrangement which will benefit environmental outcomes in the area.

Treated wastewater traditionally discharged into Kemps Bay at Montagu will be discharged to neighbouring agricultural land, improving the environmental impacts of the Smithton Sewage Treatment Plant at Pelican Point.

The arrangement is in response to the removal of thousands of tonnes of sludge at the six sewerage ponds at the plant between now and March next year.

Royce Aldred, sewerage system performance leader at TasWater, says the re-use supply arrangement is one of many the company is involved in to reduce environmental impacts.

“There will be zero to minimal discharge to Kemps Bay during the summer months and thanks to the de-sludging works the quality of treated waste water being released back into the environment will be significantly improved.

“TasWater also has local farmers on board to receive most of the biosolids being removed from the site in the de-sludging process to be spread on agricultural land not used for food crops as high-nutrient fertiliser.

“Discharges to Kemps Bay will remain unchanged during the winter months, when there is no demand for treated waste water to supplement stored water for use on agricultural land.”

The re-use scheme will involve the construction of a new pump station and new pipeline however the costs will be far outweighed by the environmental benefits, says Mr Aldred.

The dredge being used to undertake the de-sludging works at Smithton Sewage Treatment Plant is currently going through customs after arriving in Australia from Fiji.

Sludge from the lagoons will initially be removed to on-site drying beds before being transported off-site as liquid or de-watered and re-used on local agricultural land as biosolids.

Bevan Anderson at the Smithton Sewage Treatment Plant which is currently undergoing de-sludging works.