Redlegs run in the family

Erin Franks and Anita Hine received Life Memberships to the Redpa Football Club on Friday. Erin joins her family including (from left) mum Toni, sisters Amanda and Penny and dad Perry in earning the honour.

Recognition. In a first for the Redpa Football Club, Erin Franks has received a Life Membership, the most recent in a long line of family members to collect the honour.

With many family ties to the club, Erin joins her parents, Perry and Toni King, and sisters Penny King and Amanda Poke in receiving the esteem.

“My family have been involved in the Redpa Football Club for over 40 years,” Erin says.

“A pretty amazing effort for a family of daughters!”

Erin received the honour at the club’s annual dinner on Friday night alongside Anita Hine.

Joining the club more than 15 years ago, Anita became involved when her now 22-year-old son Aaron began with the Under 13 side at the age of six.

Since then, Anita has contributed to the club through various roles behind the scenes including bar manager for close to 10 years and as the current treasurer for five years now.

Her husband Shane, a former president, was made a Life Member last year and his parents Ross and Ned (nee Boatwright) have also been honoured in the past. Their daughter Maddi represented the club as queen in 2012.

Before that in 2004, Erin held the ambassador’s role. She has since remained a part of the committee to became the first female vice president for the club in 2011 and 2012, holding the position again this year. She has also volunteered her time in the canteen and held the role of club delegate for almost a decade. 

Her husband Rodney received the honour last year after playing 200 games with the Redlegs and coaching the Seniors from 2005 to 2007, including a premiership victory in 2006.

As the current Under 16 coach, Rodney this year led the junior side through an undefeated season to claim the Circular Head Football Association Grand Final and was a part of the half century team when Redpa celebrated their 50 year anniversary in 2015.

Erin’s dad Perry joined the club in 1972, playing 100 games with the club throughout his career. In 1979 he joined the committee where he held the role of treasurer for eight years and secretary for a further eight, and has been a club delegate for 12 years.

Dedicating his Saturdays to the Redlegs, Perry has match managed games for the past three decades. In 1989 he received a Life Membership to the club and in 2002 was made a Life Member of the Circular Head Football Association.

Etching her name in the history books, Erin’s mum Toni (nee Marshall) represented the club in 1975 as the first club queen.

Having held the role of treasurer for five years, in 1994 Toni received her Life Membership for her tireless work to the club and to this day can be found in the canteen.

Erin’s sisters Penny and Amanda were awarded Life Memberships in 2005.

Winning the Circular Head Football Association Queen’s Quest for the Redlegs in 1996, Penny has dedicated years to the committee and volunteer roles with the club.

In 1999, Amanda represented the club as queen. Volunteering her time in the canteen or bar, Amanda has spent 14 years on the committee, 12 as treasurer. She has since moved on to become the Circular Head Football Association treasurer.

Her husband Rocky Poke received his Life Membership in 2011 following 200 games before continuing on to mark 300 games as a Redleg this year. Spending years on the committee, including as the vice president, Rocky has been the club’s Reserves coach for several years.

Penny’s partner, Anthony Thompson, marked 150 games with Redpa this year and as a dedicated committee member looks on track to receive a membership in the coming years.

Erin’s uncle, the late Geoffrey King is also a Life Member, having held the club’s presidency in the past, played 200 games, coached the Reserves and volunteered as club delegate alongside wife Margo (nee Jones). His sons Angus and Hugh also donned the Redlegs name during their underage days.

“It’s a pretty impressive family link with, like I said, a family of daughters!” says Erin.

“My sisters and I now have eight children between us with the oldest Marshall (age 10) playing for the Redlegs in his third season.

“All of the kids are found at the footy, just like we [were] 30 plus years ago!”

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