Real Deal

I watched with interest a programme on TV recently, where a highly intellectual person was confronting a Christian believer about the character of God as revealed to us in the giving of the law to mankind.

He found it impossible to believe that a God like this could have the best interests of mankind at heart, and therefore dismissed God as simply some figure of imagination who had no bearing on our lives. To me this is intellectual arrogance which pretends that the Almighty God who brought both the universe and us into being has to come within the perception of our human mind.

We are never able to put boundaries around God no matter how clever we think we have become. On the other hand when the disciples were struggling with these same questions, about knowing God, then Jesus simply said to them that if they knew Him, they knew the Father because their characters were one and the same.

All it takes to know God is an act of faith that wipes out the blindness and replaces it with a relationship that brings a growing understanding of who God really is. There can be no better path of learning to walk down than this one, as God becomes an ever present reality to us.

To me, the wonder of God is that He is prepared to make Himself known to us mere mortals, who with all our human frailties would even dare to challenge His existence as One who living on an eternal plane wants to communicate with us so that we can live our lives to the full.

I am glad that God the Father never left it to us to find Him, but rather sent us Jesus to show us who God is and what His heart and desires for us really are. That could never be made plainer than at the cross where we see God turning His back on His Son in order that He might turn His face toward us.

I confess that I don’t know much about God either, but do know that as I read His Word and continue to follow Him there will be a growing sense of His Presence in my experience. I am glad not to have a degree of intelligence that would make me challenge the reality of God.

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