Real Deal

When Jesus came to this world He was always teaching people about how to live out their lives in the most fulfilling way possible.

People tend to think that Christianity is a negative experience designed to drain the joy out of life, but in fact, that is the very opposite to the truth.

Jesus was always turning the negative circumstances in lives around as He met their needs and so made the blind to see, the lame to walk, the deaf to hear and even brought the dead back to life so they could have the opportunity to get the best out of life.

Jesus always left people in a better state than they were before and in fact opened them up to a total change of direction. Imagine being totally crippled for 30 years in which you were unable to take a single step and then suddenly made totally well in one blinding instantaneous moment.

Well that is what happened to a man lying by a pool side one day and I wonder what he would have done first on discovering that he could walk. Suddenly his whole world was changed and unbelievably enlarged from narrowness and restrictions to openness and breadth.

Another man who had been blind all his life was healed but when questioned about it admitted he had no idea what had happened or who the man was who had healed him. His testimony was when questioned by the religious Pharisees about the credentials of Jesus who had healed him was simply: “I don’t know who healed me or what has happened but all I do know is that once I was blind but now I see”.

That has been the admission of many of us who in having a salvation experience suddenly find that our understanding of God, the Bible, the future we face as eternal beings is suddenly clear now, where before it was all questions. This is because the Holy Spirit has come and as our teacher makes things clear that before were all confused.

Many times I have witnessed this with adults in whom there comes unbelievable change in their thinking, just like the blind man after his encounter with Jesus in the gospels. Nothing has changed and whenever anybody surrenders their life to Christ as Saviour and Lord, the miracle of new life and new insight go together.

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