Real Deal

We are certainly feeling the effects of bushfires in Australia now, whether that is to do with mismanagement of our resources or simply a matter of nature doing what nature has always done in taking control.

There are more and more arguments coming to support either side of the arguments that I am sure will get tossed about more and more as time goes on.

One thing we cannot deny is that when wildfire does breakout in inaccessible places it becomes almost impossible to contain it and its control depends on a change in weather conditions ,with windshifts or rain to bring it under control.

We have always been subject to bushfire problems long before terms like “climate change” were thought of, but that does not mean we can fail to manage our natural resources wisely without there being some repercussions.

I think most reasonable thinking people would hold to this creed and while using the resources we have to generate jobs and wealth do their best to protect the environment for future generations.

As we read the Bible we find that there will be a time when it seems like God will allow there to be no restraints on natural disasters and what we see now in bushfires, tsunamis, tornadoes and so on will be nothing compared to what is yet to come in a nuclear holocaust that is beyond all control in which the Bible says the elements will melt with fervent heat.

I can only imagine what that will look like by seeing the effects of some of the worst fires like we have had in this last week.

It is great to know that in this coming disaster God will save His people in what would seem to be total destruction.

We see Him having done this in the past when King Nebucadnezzar threw three of God’s servants into a furnace so hot it killed those who threw them in. To his amazement He saw four people walking about in the furnace, so obviously God had his representative with them and then the three just walked out of that furnace completely unmarked.

In the same way when this world is destroyed by fire God will keep his people safe, be in the furnace with them, and bring them into a new world free from any more judgment.

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