Ready, working generation

Jobs package announcement in Stanley: Minister for Primary Industries and Water Sarah Courtney, Senator for Tasmania Richard Colbeck, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Liberal Candidate for Braddon Brett Whiteley met with John Bruce from Western Plains Stud Farm.

Stimulus. A new $3.9 million jobs package was announced last week during the Prime Minister’s visit to the north west.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the North-West Tasmania Job Ready Generation Package will ensure local workers have the skills they need to meet the growing and changing job demands in the region.

The package will upskill 600 north-west Tasmanians with the qualifications and on-the-job training required in the growing sectors of agriculture, mining, manufacturing, building and construction.

Mr Turnbull said this forms part of the government’s plan for a stronger economy and will support 250 pre-apprentices and 350 individuals to gain the skills they need.

Last week Federal Minister for Education and Training announced the fund would also deliver five mobile welding simulators, at a cost of $750,000.

The fund will include:

• $1 million for school based pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship training

• $500,000 North West Priority sector learning resources program

• $400,000 to see employers work with schools to develop pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship pathways.

• $350,000 Building Futures Program providing a new entry level pathway into an apprenticeship or traineeship within the building and construction industry

• $400,000 New Apprenticeship Scholarships Pilot aimed at addressing socioeconomic barriers to employment and creating 200 scholarships over three years

• $450,000 Agriculture Skills Delivery to meet the demands of agricultural developments in the region

• $50,000 Mining Industry Workforce Development Plan.

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