Ready to rumble!

Set to debut in the Tasmanian Women’s League North West competition with a home game this weekend, the Circular Head Giants leadership group in (back from left) Emma Ling, coach Tim Grey, Taylor Grey, (front) Telena Walsh, Sarah Maxwell and Nakore Popowski are prepared for the challenge ahead. Picture: Ashleigh Force.

Women. The Circular Head Giants women will make their debut in the Tasmanian Women’s League North West competition this Saturday with a home game.

Newly appointed coach Tim Grey, who was set to coach the Under 16s in the North West Junior Football League before the squad’s withdrawal, says he is looking forward to a successful season.

While he was disappointed that a lack of numbers resulted in the withdrawal decision, Grey is pleased to take on the role in the women’s league.

“It is disappointing, with the talent that we have in Circular Head there is no doubt that we could have been a top two or three side,” he said of the events of the NWJFL.

Grey has been involved with the women’s squad since the outset, helping with training sessions, alongside Kelvin Popowski and Wayne Tuxworth, in the early days before committing to the role full time.

“Being a new group and coming up against other sides that have been together for 12 months, it will be a challenge.

“Of the new group, only three or four of the players have experience. But the squad has come along in leaps about bounds, they’ve improved out of sight.”

With a leadership group of Taylor Grey and Emma Ling (captains) and Nakore Popowski, Telena Walsh and Sarah Maxwell (vice captains) the women are sure to make an impact on the ground.

Taylor, who has two years experience in the Tasmanian Women’s League with the Burnie Dockers including premiership glory, started her playing career with Scotchtown Football Club’s U/14s in the Circular Head Football Association.

Ling gained experience with the CHFA U/14s with both Trowutta and Irishtown.

“The first year the pressure is there, but I think as long as we work together [and] use teamwork, win or lose we should be happy with the result,” Taylor said.

Following a round-robin carnival in Wynyard in March and a practice match with Latrobe two weeks ago, the squad has gained match fitness and an expectation of what’s to come.

Grey said the side’s leadership group will provide support and drive while players Hannah Aldridge and Sarah Fisher will also be ones to watch.

The inaugural league will see Circular Head, Latrobe, Devonport, Ulverstone and Penguin join the competition for an eight game season. Games will be played following the Under 18s, Reserves and Seniors action of the North West Football League when the Giants meet with another club hosting a women’s side, meaning the women will have several byes throughout.

The Circular Head Giants women will kick off this Saturday (May 6) from 4.30pm at the Smithton Recreation Ground against Ulverstone.

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