Rat named Lions’ man of the year

Lions Citizen of the Year Ian Walters with Smithton Lions member Sheryl Dobson and president Joan Krause. Picture: Jelena Potpara.

Award. Ian “Rat” Walters was named Lions Citizen of the Year for 2013.

Mr Walters was recognised for his 30 years as president of Union Supporters Club, based in Stanley, and in particular his work for the community.

Citizen of the Year committee members Sheryl Robson and Joan Krause said they lured Mr Walters to a Lions meeting under false pretences.

They asked Mr Walters to speak at the meeting as a local business owner about how business was. Mr Walters was none the wiser.

After putting off the public speaking for a few weeks, he finally went and gave his talk. “[Then] these two ladies got me up… to tell me a lot about my life I had forgotten,” Mr Walters said.

The award recognised Mr Walters’ time with USC, alongside secretary Peter Johnston and the late treasurer Don Plapp, when he helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for cancer research.

In its prime, the club had over 400 members from all over Tasmania.

While the work had a very serious side to it, meeting with people who were suffering with the disease, Mr Walters said he still managed to have fun.

“You’ve got to let your hair down every now and then,” he said.

Hi wife Elaine agreed: “The [amount of] times you’ve let your hair down, it’s a wonder you’re not sitting on it.”

Lions thanked local engraver Lyle Elliott for the plaque.




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