Rascals on the road

The RiverBreeze Rascals, Jude Smith, Greg Poke, Raymond Smith and Rodney O’Halloran, are fundraising for the Great Cycle Challenge this October. Picture: Ashleigh Force. 

Fundraiser. Keep your eyes peeled on the road this month for you may come across some cheeky cyclists.

The RiverBreeze Rascals – Rodney O’Halloran, Greg Poke, Raymond Smith and Jude Smith – are taking on the Great Cycle Challenge this October. 

An initiative of the Children’s Medical Research Institute, the challenge is to reach your target kilometres while fundraising for childhood cancer research, diagnosis and cures. 

More than 600 Australian children are diagnosed with some form of cancer every year and tragically three die each week.

Since 2013, the Great Cycle Challenge has grown to see more than 30,000 people ride more than 7.5 million kilometres, raising close to $9 million in the fight against cancer. 

Kicking off on Sunday October 1, the RiverBreeze Rascals have an accumulative target of 500 kilometres to reach by the end of the month and after clocking more than 300 kilometres during training before the event, the team looks set to reach that goal. 

“I haven’t ridden for 20 years,” says O’Halloran, who has since made the route from Irishtown to Smithton a regular ride. 

“It is easier as a group, being a part of a team and having a goal to work towards together.

“You’re not going to get out of bed unless there is someone banging on the door waiting for you.” 

While Smith and Poke, both seasoned riders, get the bike out most weekends to cruise through a quick 10 kilometres or opt for a longer route. 

The cause behind the challenge is what motivates Poke: “It will push us as far as we can go every day to get there, to reach our goal.

“You can sponsor us, or get the bike out of the shed and join us.”

Keep an eye out for the RiverBreeze Rascals on the road this month, and keep one-and-a-half metres away from cyclists when passing. 

To support the RiverBreeze Rascals go to www.greatcyclechallenge.com.au/Teams/RiverBreezeRascals or to join the team contact Jude Smith on 0488 779 381. 


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