Protecting Stanley’s historical values

A few months ago a resident submitted a letter to the Circular Head Chronicle (‘Keep the charm of Stanley town’, November 24, 2016) about their concerns that Stanley was losing its unique historical values and charm due to modern, shed-like buildings such as on the corner of Pearse and Church Street having been approved and promptly constructed.

The sleepiness of Stanley really comes to the forefront when concerned residents do not want to participate in discussing council applications, such as reading the signs constructed at the different properties or on the council’s internet page, but complain after it is too late to change.

The next modern buildings not in accordance with the heritage code are planned directly beside the church disturbing the historical tranquility between the graveyard and the church. The undisturbed reverence of a cemetery and a church historically situated side by side is about to be destroyed.

Plus several penguin nests which a few weeks ago we delighted with our visitors and other tourists as they waddled from the beach across the road to their nests.

But all of us who love Stanley for its historical character and wish to preserve as much as we can have the right to try and preserve this.

A heritage code exists and it exists for this protective reason.

Name withheld, Stanley

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