Proposal for place names

Consultation. Nine place names at Cape Grim are set to be considered by the Nomenclature Board of Tasmania.

The Tasmanian Aboriginal Corporation, formerly Centre, is submitting a proposal to consider renaming or dual naming 11 locations in total, the remaining two are unnamed waterfalls in Hobart and Launceston.

Relating to Circular Head, TAC is seeking that culturally offensive names be replaced. They recommend that Suicide Bay, Victory Hill and Niggerhead Rock be replaced with luwuka, timuk and karanutung.

TAC is also seeking dual naming for Cape Grim, The Doughboys and Woolnorth Point to include pilri, ranamitim and layrimanuk respectively.

TAC proposes that three unnamed places be reinstated with original names, taynayuwa for the cliffiside at Cape Grim, nakali for the cave opposite the Doughboys and ranapim taynamun for the point of land opposite Victory Hill.

TAC Aboriginal linguistic worker Theresa Sainty said the original names were a result of “vigorous linguistic research and community knowledge”.

“It’s about looking at records written down, by in particular George Augustus Robinson, as told to him.

“These place words were told to Robinson by Aborigines and he wrote them down.

“All of these English place words, like Cape Grim and Niggerhead Rock have been enforced, they’ve been given to those places without any thought about the fact that they were already named.

“It’s so much more than political correctness; it’s acknowledging that those places carried names before 1803.”

Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation chief executive officer Dianne Baldock had mixed feelings about the proposed changes.

“I agree the names need to be changed but I don’t agree that the TAC have full responsibility of changing the names to the language they say is Tasmanian Aboriginal,” Mrs Baldock said.

“Once again the TAC have not consulted with the local Aboriginal community here in Circular Head.

“The Circular Head Council is aware of this proposal and CHAC has been consulted by them, not the TAC.”

Circular Head Council general manager Tony Smart said the council is consulting with CHAC in order to make an informed decision on the matter.

The TAC last year had success in dual naming five Circular Head localities including pinmatik/Rocky Cape and laraturunawn/Sundown Point.

The Nomenclature Board meets in July.

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